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Welcome to ICESGE2024

ICESGE 2024 endeavors to foster green energy development and environmental science integration and innovation. It is widely acknowledged that these fields have not only advanced various domains of science and technology but have also significantly contributed to enhancing the quality of human life.

The conference is organized by the School of Environment and Chemical Engineering at Shenyang University of Technology. This conference serves as an exceptional platform for exchanging ideas, techniques, disseminating knowledge, and sharing experiences among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in both practical and theoretical aspects within related domains. 

ICESGE 2024 encompasses a diverse program featuring plenary lectures, keynote speakers, invited experts, and eminent personalities from across the globe, complemented by presentations of contributed papers.

ICESGE 2024 addresses contemporary issues within the green energy and environmental science sphere. Given the intricate and rapidly evolving nature of these developments, changes occur daily. Making this wealth of information accessible to all stakeholders, including researchers, academics, students, and society, is a formidable task. Consequently, the conference has set forth the following objectives:

To provide a platform for stakeholders to meet and share ideas, views, and new findings in green energy and environmental science.
● To strengthen relationships between industries and academic institutions in Shenyang and those in the rest of the world.
● To provide a space for students and researchers to meet, discuss, and learn from experts in the related field.
 To reduce the gap between industry and academia.
● To promote high levels of interaction among stakeholders in theoretical, experimental, and applied concepts in energy and the environment.  


Scope of the Conference

Contributed papers are solicited describing original works in clean and green energy engineering and related technologies. Topics and technical areas of interest include but are not limited to the following:

Track 1: Advanced Green Energy Technologies
  • Solar Cell Innovations and Efficiency Enhancements

  • Wind Turbine Design and Performance Optimization

  • Advanced Biomass Conversion Technologies

  • Geothermal Energy Innovations

  • Energy Storage Solutions and Grid Integration

  • Next-Generation Hydropower and Ocean Energy Technologies

Track 2: Energy Storage and Grid Management
  • Energy Storage Systems for Renewable Integration

  • Grid Modernization and Smart Grid Technologies

  • Battery Technologies for Green Energy

  • Demand Response and Energy Management

  • Microgrid Development and Applications

  • Energy Storage Policies and Regulations

Track 3: Green Technologies and Sustainable Innovations
  • Sustainable Building Design and Green Architecture

  • Innovative Transportation Solutions for Reduced Emissions

  • Clean and Efficient Energy Conversion Technologies

  • Waste-to-Energy Innovations

  • Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing Processes

  • Eco-friendly Innovations in Packaging and Storage

Track 4: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Technologies
  • Climate Modeling and Prediction Advances

  • Technologies for Climate Resilience and Adaptation

  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Innovations

  • Sustainable Water Management and Treatment Technologies

  • Advanced Environmental Monitoring and Sensing

  • Climate Information Systems and Decision Support Tools

About Publication

Post-proceedings Publication

The conference's technical committees will review submissions based on originality, relevance to the conference, structure, and readability. Accepted and presented papers will be published in the e-proceedings, which will be indexed in high-reputation databases based on their quality.

Recommended Journals

To be announced

Important Dates

The following dates are provided as a guideline for submission. Participants are required to follow the timetable properly.

Keynote Speakers in 2024

Prof. Udaya K. Madawala
IEEE Fellow
Department of Electrical Computer and Software Engineering
The University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand
Prof. Zhe Chen
Professor, PhD
IET Fellow, IEEE Fellow
Charted Engineering (UK),
Member of Danish Academy of Technical Sciences
Member of European Academy of Sciences and Arts
Prof. Shunli Wang
Academic leader of the National Electrical Safety and Quality Testing Center, Smart Energy Storage Institute (Southwest University of Science and Technology), China
Prof. Dr. ilhami Colak
IEEE Senior Member
İstinye University, Turkey

Keynote Speakers in 2022
Prof. Li Sanxi
Former Vice President of Shenyang University of Technology, China
Prof. Zhao Zhen
Institute of Catalysis for Energy and Environment, China
Prof. Yang Gang
Dean of the College of Materials Engineering, Changshu Institute of Technology, China
Prof. Zhang Linnan
Vice Dean of the College of Environmental Chemistry, Shenyang University of Technology, China
Prof. Zhang Linnan
Vice Dean of the College of Environmental Chemistry, Shenyang University of Technology, China
Prof. Dr. Ambo Tuwo
Department of Marine Science and Multitrophic Research Group, Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries, University of Hasanuddin, Makassar, Indonesia
Prof. Dr. ilhami COLAK

IEEE Senior Member

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Technology, Gazi University, Turkey

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Grzegorz Boczkaj
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland






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